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What is The Rooted Door?

The Rooted Door Organization is a Florida 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation that elevates arts and culture in the community by creating transformative experiences that support opportunities for artists and inspire giving back to the community we love.

Our mission is to empower and fortify the cultural arts by creating opportunities for the next generation of artists through annual immersive events, scholarships and collaborative partnerships that cultivate positive change.

We curate experiences with  Musicians, Artists, Creators, Filmmakers, Changemakers, Chefs, Gardeners, Charities and Community Influencers who embody the true essence of our city.

How we make a difference?

We are committed to focusing on give back initiatives that strengthen the roots of the community

Give Back Pillars

Education.    Sustainability.    Empowerment.




Our Purpose

The Rooted Door encourages consciousness to one’s roots and overall mindfulness of well-being through engaging and interactive experiences that inspire change.

Our Events

Each event is entirely unique and unifies the local talent and showcases an innovative approach to entertainment, design and culinary delight.



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Past Events

Love Reimagined

Stories of the Past